A Day in Rita's Life

A Look into A World In Which Project Cybersyn Suceeded

Salvadore Allende and Stafford Beer formed a politically tied computing project called "Project Cybersyn" in the late 20th Century. Their goal was to use cybernetics to create a system with the capacity to run a democratically-socialist economy. In 1973 the military organized a coup to overthrow Allende and ultimately end the Cybersyn Experiment. With his death, the idea of an economy and state organized and run by cybernetics also ended. This website contains a short story that investigates and fantasizes a future in which Allende suceeded and Cybersyn led to great advances in technology in Chile. It follows a little girl named Rita's day in the life in Santiago Chile. It features self driving cars, holograms, and robotic dogs.

This story was created for my MDST 3500 class "Histories of the Internet" and you can find similar stories on our class website hoos.neocities

Rita's Day